Things I bake and cook don’t usually turn out bad. In fact I am GREAT in the kitchen. I was craving brownies so I googled a cake mix brownie. It is really the most disgusting thing in the world.

MOMI know what you are thinking, “I am ashamed of you. You should have just made them from scratch!” WELL, I can’t even do that!!!

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November 7

I am thankful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I have a testimony in this Gospel. I know it is true and can touch the lives of anybody willing to accept it into their lives. I feel the strength I receive from being a member every single day. I am grateful prayers are answered (whether bug or small) if I have the faith to wait for an answer. I trust the Lord WITH ALL MY heart and I know things happen for a reason. I am thankful for a true prophet on this earth who leads and guides us. I know he and his apostles as well as all the leaders in the church will not lead us away. I am most grateful families are forever. I strive everyday to be worthy enough to live with them forever.

I am very grateful for the work missionaries do. In the short time of being a Ward Missionary, I see the marvelous work they do.

I know this Church is true and will never deny it.

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