A huge compliment….

We have a little book club at Arbor Village with my seniors. It consists of me reading… And then discussing. We tried having the residents read also and they wouldn’t have it. That is really the only rule: Laura HAS TO read!!! Anyways, we just finished “Pride and Prejudice” and then drew “Northanger Abbey” for our next book. Today we read Chapters 3-5 (not important). The residents said I really should start reading books for the blind that I had the perfect Jane Austen reading voice. I love Jane Austen and think it is a great compliment from them. Makes me feel good, and smart, HaHaHa!


Saturday we are taking some men fishing… I am kind of excited but I am not the fishing type. I HATE FISH. It will be fun to chill with the men residents though. They have such great stories. My boss and the plant operations director are also making breakfast for us at the park. Saturday will be an early morning but will still be OODLES of fun!!

P.S. I told my boss I will absolutely not put a worm on a hook. He said I have to try at least one!