Scary Masks

While we were at Walmart today we were trying on masks. Apparently Ethan wants to be a SCARY monster for Halloween. I tried on a scary mask and talked to Little Miss Madi… I am so mean!! I almost made her cry… She even got those cute little pouty lips! It is a really good thing Jennifer was close to stop her before she started to scream! Ashlee tried it on also… and then poor Madi got tortured with a mask of her own. She probably could have fit her whole body in that mask! It is a really good thing she didn’t see it. She might have scared herself! Sorry the pictures are turned… I forgot to save them after I rotated them… OOPS!

Ethan and I also had a sword fight in the middle of the aisle… I used a little sword. He used every single knife and sword and blade he could find!

Men in uniform…

… I have a thing for firemen… I do… it is a weakness. And of course (I can not believe I am admitting this!) the first thing I do when I see a fireman is I check that magically finger on the left hand…. I do it all the time at work when they come in and whenever I have a chance to work with the fire department OR take the residents to visit… I do it! I LOVE FIREMEN! Today I went to the Bonney Lake Fire Department Open House. Ethan was so incredibly adorable the whole time. He was like a kid in a candy shop and had the biggest, goofiest grin on his face. He got into the ambulance and the EMT buckled him in. The EMT asked Bubba what his name was and he blew raspberries at the man AND THEN proceeded to tell him that he went poo poos in the potty. In fact he talked a lot about poo poos but I really couldn’t understand anything but POOP! I love being around little kids and seeing the delight in their eyes when something excites them. It reminds me of my favorite quote that is also posted at NW Trek:

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.” – Rachel Carson

Every time I think of my daddy, I think of this quote. He has a way of making things seem magical, and exciting. I think I am very lucky I have a dad that knows how to act like a kid. I think growing up I saw things differently than most kids because the view my dad took when us kids were around and the imagination he let us have. He is not afraid to have fun and goof off but he knows how to take care of business and be a spiritual example. He is amazing. My goal in life is to be like that for all the children in my life. To climb up ladders in police boats to play with the kids, or roll around in the mud, or (GROSS!) pick up frogs, play princess, sword fight in the middle of Walmart with super cute nephews, and to play tag when I am exhausted. I want to forever be a grown up kid.

Anyways… here are the pictures from the open house:

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Rachel Carson is an author and biologist. I guess that quote came from a book she wrote called “Sense of Wonder” (go figure!). I am going to do a little research about her and read her books. I figure if I love the quote so much, I might a well learn more about her.