DSC02747This season has been busy… housesitting, crafts, light drives, baking, a NASTY flu bug, staff parties, residents parties, and now I think I am just about done (minus New Year’s!). I had the flu last Thursday so we did the Arbor Village Holiday Dessert Night last night on the 27th…. This was a great end of the season… NOW I have to take down Christmas 😦


The last year the month day and year will be the same…. Someone posted on facebook that they have lived through 12/12/12 and 11/11/11, and 10/10/10, and 09/09/09, and 08/08/08, and 07/07/07, and 06/06/06, and 05/05/05 and 04/04/04, and 03/03/03, and 02/02/02, and 01/01/01… I have too 🙂 Dumb little history I can say I can save I have been apart of!



I saw this on Pinterest and it has a lot to do about me. I would do anything for those I call my best friends. I am not a very trusting person. I have quite a few acquaintances but I could probably count on my hands the number of people I call a true friend (not counting family). I truly believe in quality over quantity. I would rather have a few true friends than a million plain ‘ol friends. Does that make sense? I truly am a sensitive giving person. It hurts when people I love… even just people I like… are in pain or hurting. Sometimes I just want to be selfish and do things for myself… I rarely do, but I need to start because I deserve more. I deserve to be happy 🙂

Soul- Searching

I will let go because I DO DESERVE MORE!
I will let go because I DO DESERVE MORE!

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately… More than thinking. I have been pondering and soul-searching about what I want in life and even more WHAT I DESERVE in life. I have a huge fault in which I don’t think I deserve what I actually do. I do not ever want to settle. And yes, I am talking about men. I actually almost signed up for a dating site today… GASP! But I talked myself out of it. I really just need to get over certain people so I can move on.. I WANT TO MOVE ON BECAUSE I DESERVE TO BE TREATED BETTER and deserve more.

11/16 Thanksgiving at Arbor Village


One of the most successful events we do at Arbor Village… and probably the crazy busiest. I can not even explain how exhausting this event is with the seating charts, furniture movement, cleaning, serving, volunteer coordinating and the list can go on… It is exhausting to say the least but completely worth all the work. The residents are happy, the family members are happy… it is 100% worth it to see the look of satisfaction and love, and happiness on their faces. This year we served 230ish people at my building. The kitchen cooked 38 turkeys with only one casualty. All I can say is i am glad it is over!! I usually stay in bed the next day wallowing in pain but this year I got up early and went shopping with Jennifer. Last year I was 30 pounds heavier… those 30 pounds make a big difference… Now just 30 more to go 🙂