First Day


Today I had orientation and all staff meeting at my new job at Aegis of Lynnwood.  I am terrified yet super excited for this opportunity. I think the two hardest parts of having a job is the commute after work and having to wear shoes. For the past two and a half months I have worn sandles and flip flops…. MY FEET NOW HATE SHOES.

My main project as of today is creating the schedule for myself and two full-time assistants… WAIT! Did you read that? TWO FULL-TIME ASSISTANTS! I get 2 assistants for a quarter of the residents I am use to having. It is nice and exciting to have more support. Tomorrow I am going to the carnival for my first official event.

The photo is from the clinic getting my TB test. There was a lot of interesting people at the clinic. It is an L&I clinic and kind of sketchy. I sat in the only single chair away from all the interesting people. Next to the water cooler…. a weird guy kept coming and spitting in the garbage. YUCK!

If I remember I need to blog about working at the Almond Roca factory and Almond Roca at the meeting today.