I am the first to switch my work schedule for others. I feel if I do, when I really need someone to fill in for me, they will… at least I hope it happens. Not having my regularly scheduled days off really throws off my groove sometimes. It means I have to do most of my cooking for the week Friday after I get home. To make matters worse, I left Kirkland at 7:45 and because of an accident I didn’t get home until  after 9:00…. Soup is in the crockpot and half of one dish is made, but it is almost 11pm now. It is so much easier to get it all done and not worry about waking up the next day for work. But, I am dedicated to this new lifestyle and will do it if I must.

I did try the pumpkin RX Bar today. So good!


I am very much of a note-taking, pen-hoarding, checklist kind of gal. I love marking things off a checklist… so much so that I will write things on my list at the store just to cross it off. Ridiculous, huh?

I have been really good at recording and journaling my food the past 30 days (missing maybe 2 or 3 days). I wanted a creative, colorful, and fun way to record the next phase of my get health journey. I created the above stickers to allow myself to check things off. So far I love them.

Something else I love? My water flosser. I am not the most religious flosser. My coworker suggested ordering a water flosser (as I was sending her office supply recommendations). I use it 1-2 times daily and floss maybe 4 times a week with dental floss. I sometimes add mouthwash to the water flosser and was laughing at myself tonight and I looked in the mirror upon completion…

 My year!

I have always wanted my own domain. So I did it! Emese calls this the year of Laura. My New Year’s Resolution this year was to do things for me and take care of me. I am getting a late start on it, but I am doing it. I am eating healthy and feeling good and can’t wait to continue on my journey.

Now onto my problems. I need to learn to cut my recipes down when I am cooking. I packed food for 7 days and this is still what I had to freeze.

That is probably 15 bags of butternut squash chili and Ground turkey cauliflower stir fry. I think next week is going to be leftovers week. 

Oh, and my brake fluid is leaking. Ain’t that something?

Oh my head!

I don’t even know what to title this post. I didn’t blog yesterday BUT it wasn’t because I failed Whole30. Besides not eating dinner last night and eating cashews and grapes on the way home instead, I am still plugging away on my 30 days. Yesterday was a ROUGH day because I had a migraine of all migraines. The blurry vision plus the auras, the pounding head, nausea…. it was hard. This morning my jaw still hurts from clenching so I am opting for a liquid breakfast of Chia seeds, coconut milk, and almond milk with some pureed strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch and dinner will be soup today. Beef Stew and chicken crockpot soup… Just needing something soft today.

I feel…

….absolutely  disgusting. And the stress at work doesn’t help. I guess I feel if I publicly hold myself accountable to eat healthy (for all 3 of my followers), I might be a bit more successful. I decided to try a form of vegetarianism. I will still eat eggs and very little dairy, but other than that… no meat. I also hope it is fair  weather tomorrow so I can walk on lunch.

Day 1:
Breakfast- 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds, 8 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk

Snack-1/4 cup raw almonds

Lunch- Salad (edamame, black beans, corn, brocolli, jicama, carrots, red and green cabbage, green peppers, radishes, olive oil, lemon juice, ginger and garlic… and I am missing an ingredient)


Snack- Carrots and 80 calorie pack of guacomole

Dinner- Black Bean Southwest Veggie Burger, 1/2 cup quinoa (green peppers, onions, jalapenos), and 1 cup steamed vegetables


I also love pasta… ugh…. just the noodles. I found black bean rotini at Trader Joes that I am super excited to try… with a little olive oil and garlic.